Fur Baby Pet Selfie Stick

There are so many devices these days that help to enhance the way we take selfies, and pet selfies for that matter.

But when it comes time to snap the perfect shot with your pet — forget about it. Dogs get the wiggles, refuse to focus, or downright walk away, which is somehow both annoying and cute at the same time. Cats can be a little be more agreeable, sometimes, until they decide they’d rather be doing something else.

In any case, felines and canines may not understand the significant role pictures play in today’s selfie-obsessed culture, but we sure do. Here are a few tips to help you get the best shot possible with your dog in the frame:

– Don’t try to get your dog to pose with you. That never works. Instead, follow your dog’s lead and let them decide the direction.

– Hold your phone at the angle you want — usually eye level or just above eye level turns out the best.

– When your pet isn’t cooperating, be willing to compromise. And by compromise, we mean bribe! If treats work, grab a couple. If toys are more his or her speed, use those to your advantage. Do what it takes to get your dog to focus.

– Snap quickly. If you take too long to take the shot your dog will look away.

It may take a few minutes or so to get a usable pic, but if you keep those tips in mind you’ll be well on your way to more than enough double taps to be proud of.

Here is a solution to help you on your way to the best Pet Selfies ever!

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