Building Blocks Make You Smarter!

The answer to helping to improve your child’s development could have been right under your nose the whole time in the form of plastic building bricks – LEGO®.

What exactly is it about LEGO® that can benefit your child and what areas can you expect to be aided by these toy bricks? As a construction toy, LEGO® is well primed to develop your child’s cognitive development and refine key motor skills that playing with building blocks focuses on, but thanks to the more intricate pattern these skills are enhanced making LEGO® good for fine motor skills.

1/5 Scale Race Car

You can also expect to see much more creativity and divergent thinking from playing with these colorful bricks. This comes from creating their own structures, coming up with their own games, using their imagination to create characters, scenarios and even entire worlds.

Star Wars

LEGO® cognitive development can also be seen through hand-eye coordination, as this is worked on extensively when playing. As are spatial skills which allows them to create what they see in their mind’s eye. While this may be a singular aspect of an individual’s intelligence, research has shown that spatial thinking is a highly important predictor of achievement with in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Lego City

Before you start thinking that LEGO® just helps children develop better cognitive and motor skills, there are also lots of benefits for the adult brain. Talk to any engineer and they’ll tell you that LEGO® was one of their earliest inspirations towards launching their career. In fact, LEGO® is frequently used by MIT to help communicate ideas through physical objects.

Race Cars

Continuing to play with LEGO® as an adult, building more and more complex designs and handling physical problem solving helps to develop greater logic and understanding. While this may be used more towards the construction of items, there are notable mathematics, engineering and technology skills required when building more complex features.

Organize a play date for your child and get the LEGO® out and you’ll see a wealth of social skills being created before your eyes. From language skills to sharing with others, organizing where certain items should be and even combining creative ideas – the social skills through developed through LEGO® are endless.

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